Children’s Voice – Eco Group

eco group

Our Eco Group work hard to improve the school and the environment. They meet to discuss issues and identify things that we can all do to make the school a more environmentally friendly place to be.

Every year we vote for new Eco-Group members from our Key Stage 2 classes. Here we are…

Mr. Clements

Eco Group Leader

Mr. Clements leads the Eco Group meetings. If you have any ideas or suggestions about what we could do in school, see one of the Eco-Group or speak to Mr. Clements and they will all be happy to help.

Eco Group Residential - September2016

Every year the Eco-Group members from all of the USF schools get together. In 2016 they all met up with all of the other Eco-Group members from the other USF schools on a residential to the Start Bay Centre in Slapton. It was a great opportunity to get involved with the outdoors environment and to make new friends. Everyone had a great time!

Eco Code

Here is our ‘Eco Code’ which we all try to follow in school.

Turn the lights off when we leave the classroom.
light bulb

Save paper by using both sides of scrap paper and use waste paper as scrap paper before recycling it.

save paper

Recycle as much as we can in school.  Keep the school tidy. Pick up litter and place it in the bins.


Turn the computers and projectors off when they are not in use.


Shut the doors and windows in winter.


Turn the taps off to save water.


Only use what we need to save resources.


Walk, cycle or scooter to school rather than use the car.