The Thrive approach draws on the latest findings of neuroscience, attachment theory, child development and research into the role of creativity and play in developing emotional resilience. This tried and tested approach helps parents and staff in schools to understand what is going on and what can be done differently to re-engage children with learning.

  • It is vital that we understand how best to support children as they grow up by helping them in the early years of their education and encouraging them to achieve higher long-term educational goals.
  • It is essential too that we pay attention to the role of emotions in learning, and to the link between emotions and behaviours that in turn can either promote or inhibit learning.

We take a dynamic developmental approach to working with vulnerable and challenging children whose behaviour interrupts their own and others’ learning. This approach is informed by up to date neuroscience.

Staff members are trained to identify the emotional needs that underlie troubling behaviours and are given simple practical strategies to address them.

Who are our Thrive practitioners at Marldon?

  • Mrs Katie Church, with support from
  • Miss Karen Bristowe(SENCo)
  • Julie Sandover(School Counsellor)


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